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The Story of Frank Higgins and the Lumberjack Sky Pilots happened in the late 1800’s. But did you know that even today men and women all over the world continue this great work of reaching the forgotten despite great risk and hardship? 

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The Parish of the Pines Partners with SOM International

Russell & Marina Stendal, Executive Producers of The Parish of the Pines film are missionaries to Colombia and continue serving the forgotten South American people bringing them hope in rural and hostile areas today. Russell was kidnapped and held captive in the jungle by Marxist guerrillas for 5 months in 1983 where he wrote his first book Rescue the Captors, in captivity from within a guerrilla camp.

Since his release and similarly to Frank Higgins, he has labored extensively along side his family to provide Bibles, Christian materials, radio broadcasts together with practical help like clean drinking water to the isolated and marginalized fighting factions and country people of that war-stricken country. One of the main reading materials extensively distributed in marxist camps, emerald mines, army battalions and prisons among other places has been the book "The Last of the Giants" by Harry Rimmer, a historical account of many of the adventures of the Minnesota Sky Pilots from the late 1800’s. This story has resonated among many of the abandoned people in Colombia creating great impact in their lives.

Russell Stendal

SOM internationally serves leaders who risk much for our Lord Jesus. The partnership with the Stendal Family became a natural fit from years of a close relationship.

Frank Higgins

The Parish of the Pines movie highlights

The Parish of the Pines movie highlights how Frank Higgins becomes a leader who will eventually risk everything for the Lord. In the film, we see that Frank must die to his dream of becoming an ordained Presbyterian Reverend. He must overcome the judgement of many religious people to follow what the Holy Spirit puts on his heart.

Through this process, God cleanses his heart from the desire for approval from others, and he can then begin to truly risk everything in obedience to Christ. Frank develops a consuming love and compassion for the lumberjacks who survive in remote company towns, toiling 12-plus hours a day, facing constant dangers of injury and mortality.

Ultimately, the hard work and harsh conditions of the Northern woods of Minnesota culminate in Frank dying young from his sacrificial work for the woodsmen. His faithfulness leads to more than 30,000 lumberjacks finding hope, restoring relationships, and transforming their lives in the faith of Christ. Indeed, one man’s relentless devotion proliferates into revival for all the North Country!

“It’s time to remember the important things, perhaps forgotten or maybe never known.”

— Frank Higgins

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